What is Social Circle?

Social Circle is a service that helps connect Brands and Creators to produce Social Campaigns.

For Brands, we provide an easy-to-use platform to identify, measure and evaluate influencers, and then report on influencer campaigns. 

If you need help with a campaign or don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, we also offer a Managed Service for Brands, in which we use our platform and our expertise to ensure a smooth and effective influencer campaign from start to finish.

For Creators, we help you build, maintain, and monetise your audience.

Once you have signed up, our platform allows you to track the success of all of your social media profiles in once place. You can also easily send your profile with accurate verified statistics to Brands, and most importantly, find out how much you could be charging using the same methods and rates as Brands use.  

By being on our platform, you are also on our database - which makes you visible to Brands looking to advertise with Creators.

We also have advice articles for Creators, including topics on legalities, MCNs, management and fair treatment.

How much does Social Circle cost?

Full access for Creators is free.

Limited access for Brands is free - and there are paid options for additional features

How does Social Circle make money?

We understand that whenever something is free, you feel like there must be a catch. So in the spirit of transparency, we make money in a few different ways. 

We make money from our managed service for Brands where we manually contact and work with Creators on campaigns. We take our money from the Brand’s budget - never the Creator’s side or out of the Creator’s ‘fee’. 

We also make money from paid-for Brand subscriptions to Social Circle.

Is Social Circle worldwide?

Yes! Social Circle works with Brands and Creators not only throughout the UK, but also worldwide. Right now, our site is in English only, but we hope to offer other languages soon.

Is Social Circle another middle man?

No - we’re a specialist and a connection between the dots. With almost a decade of experience in delivering influencer campaigns, we use our trusted knowledge of this fast-growing space to advise on and manage influencer campaigns from start to finish. 

When Brands don’t know how to do their own influencer marketing, or don’t have the resources or the time, we make life easier and create better connections for Brands, Agencies, and Creators.

Is Social Circle an MCN?

No - we aren’t an MCN. We don’t have anything to do with your Adsense, and we don’t manage talent. We don’t claim channels as part of a ‘network’. 

We work independently, on a case by case basis, and do not have any biases or preferences when it comes to working with Creators.

What is an Influencer/Creator?

Influencer? Creator? They’re the same thing - they are the people behind the profiles who work hard to build their audiences and produce content for them to enjoy. 

What do they prefer to be called? Well, when we ask them, they generally say ‘Creator’. So that’s what we prefer to use. Traditionally, Brands have generally preferred to call them ‘Influencers’.

What is an engagement?

An engagement is a measurement of interaction with a piece of a Creator’s content - whether it be a share, like, comment, retweet, view, or more.

What is a weighted engagement?

A weighted engagement is our tried and trusted metric for measuring a Creator’s success across their content and platforms. Many brands and agencies use it as a basis for working out campaign costs. 

It is calculated by weighting the different engagements which can be had by a consumer to a creator’s content. For example, a view holds a certain weight as a baseline metric. However, a comment would hold more weight, as it shows a deeper interaction between the consumer and the content. A share would hold even more weight, as this is helping to promote the content beyond the original audience.

What is CPWE?

CPWE is Cost Per Weighted Engagement - the per-pence price for one weighted engagement with one Creator. This is calculated based on the Creator’s rate for content and the different platform algorithms.

Who already uses Social Circle?

Social Circle is already used by some of the biggest Creators out there - and we work with Creators with anything from 3000 followers, to 3 million, and more! 

The Brands which use Social Circle include Instax, Aspinal of London, The Telegraph, Tilda Rice, Middlesex University, Coventry University, Soap and Glory - to name a few. 

Check out our ‘About’ page to see some testimonials.

How does Social Circle work to comply with Advertising rules?

We work closely with the IAB (“Internet Advertising Bureau”) and the ASA (“Advertising Standards Agency”) in the UK to ensure our digital content complies with applicable rules. 

Further, we work to ensure Creators are educated in how to be compliant. All the campaigns we run comply with the UK CAP (“Committee of Advertising Practice”) code.

Do you work directly with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc?

Yes, we work directly with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, along with other Social Media platforms, to ensure that all parties are involved and in-the-know.

What is the difference between a dedicated or an integrated piece of content?

A dedicated video is where a Creator makes a video where the content is solely based around one Brand’s product or message e.g. an extensive product review. 

 An integrated video is where a Creator makes a video for one or more Brands where their product/message is featured but fits in around other content e.g. demonstrating an app during a daily vlog.

PLATFORM: For Creators

How can I get a Brand deal?

Make sure you are signed up to Social Circle and you have verified your Social Accounts - once you’re signed up, you’ll be on our database, and visible to Brands who are using us to find Creators for Brand deals.

Is it free?

Yes - Social Circle is completely free for creators.

Why do I have to grant access to my Social Accounts?

We need you to authenticate your Social Accounts so we can show you your accurate analytics in your dashboard, and show them to the Brands which want to work with you. 

We also use your analytics to give your your suggested rates in our Engagement Calculator. This access doesn’t mean that we can log into your account, edit your posts or videos, see your passwords, or manage your account in any way. It is simply read-only access that only shows us your numbers.

What is the difference between a Brand and an Agency?

Brands are the big names we all know and love - McDonalds, Interflora, Nissan. 

An Agency is a company which looks after some or all of the marketing campaigns externally for the Brand. 

So when an Agency is emailing you and you’re wondering ‘isn’t this a scam? Why wouldn’t Nissan contact me directly?’ - the reason may be that the Agency is running the influencer marketing campaign for the Brand.

How much should I charge for a Brand deal?

We have our tried and trusted Weighted Engagement Calculator, which will give you a suggested rate, based on the engagement which you receive on your content. 

It takes spikes and blips into account, and helps you know what to charge for content on different social accounts. These numbers are the same numbers which we show to Brands, helping to increase transparency on both sides of the spectrum. 

You are of course welcome to charge a Brand as much as you like - however if you are new to Brand deals, this may be a helping hand in knowing your value.

How does the Social Circle calculator work?

Is your value what you thought it would be? 

Have you been undercharging for Brand deals? 

Alternatively, have you been over valuing yourself? Its nothing to worry about, there’s a few reasons why this might be happening. 

Without going into too much detail on what exactly our ‘secret recipe’ is, here’s what our calculator looks at.

Engagement and market rates 

As you know, follower numbers are only part of the story. What brands really look for, as a measure of campaign success, is engagement. When we work with Creators, we calculate their CPWE (Cost Per Weighted Engagement). 

We apply a different weighting to each kind of interaction: for example, a share is more valuable than a comment, which is itself more valuable than a view. 

In addition, we also factor in the current market rate for Creators like you. Your values will change on an almost daily basis as viewers interact with your social media profile and posts. This could mean small differences or a huge boost, but whatever it is, it'll reflect what is happening in the here and now. As the market moves and grows, and your audience interactions increase, so will your value, according to our algorithm.

However not even engagement and market rates give us a full picture. There are a few external considerations that have nothing to do with data. 

1) Niche audiences 

Some Creators focus only on niche audiences, offering specific content that is of special interest to a segment of viewers. In many cases, these Creators can demand a premium for an audience that may in some cases be especially relevant to a brand. 

2) Micro influencers 

Some Creators may have a smaller reach but seemingly disproportionately high levels of engagement. Why? We’ve found that viewers are often more willing to engage with smaller Creators as they are more likely to get a personal response. It’s easier for a Creator to respond directly to a few dozen comments, compared to a few hundred. Our algorithm picks up this increased volume of dialogue. 

3) Personal brand power 

At the opposite end to Micro influencers, we have what we call the Hero Creators. These are the titans of our industry, attracting huge audience numbers to their lifestyle content. They are often present on multiple social channels and may even be multi-media stars with book or fashion deals. These creators are a brand in their own right and can demand a premium for their pure star quality. 

All of these things are emotional triggers that our data driven algorithm can’t (yet!) factor in to its calculations.

Our advice ultimately is: always be willing to negotiate! 

Look at each brief you receive from Brands individually. Could it be a learning experience? Or plain and simple fun? Don’t be afraid to edit and customise your media kit. 

Our value calculator gives you minimum and maximum rates so there’s always room for discussion. Too low a fee may impact on your ability to grow. Too high a fee may make you unpopular with brands in the long term, who may find more reasonably priced up and coming Creators in the future. 

As with all things in life, the key is to find a balance and adapt when required. 

If you have any more questions on valuations, please get in touch. We’re ready to help and advise. 

Also check out our Social Circle Academy, which offers some practical lessons on pricing and getting Brand ready.

What do I do if a Brand is trying to negotiate my price?

Listen to them. If they are being reasonable and you like the Brand, then it might be worthwhile to lower your rate. Otherwise, you can reiterate to them your value, and try and get them to meet your prices. 

Why not go for the lower rate but do one less post, or negotiate down from a dedicated video to an integrated video? Negotiation is very normal in this industry. Don’t forget that you can negotiate too!

What do I do if a Brand is asking me to do something for free?

Again, listen to them. Are they offering you something for free, but are promising paid campaigns down the line? Make sure you are certain of what you are willing to do for free. It’s completely up to you. 

We asked the Creators that we work with what they think, and they recommend this common response to a Brand: “You can send me anything you like for free, as a gifted product, however coverage on my social channels is at my discretion. If you would like guaranteed coverage, then we can discuss a fee.” 

 Remember that gifted products are still required to be disclosed under the ASA CAP code.

Do I need to sign a contract with a Brand if they contact me through Social Circle?

Yes, we advise that you sign a simple contract stating all of the terms and conditions with any Brand which contacts you. 

Do seek legal counsel if you are not confident in your own abilities to understand a contract.

Do I own the content which I create for a Brand through Social Circle?

Social Circle make no claims on your content and consider it your own intellectual property. 

If you are dealing with a Brand directly you should make sure this is clearly stated in your contract and also check directly with the social media platforms as their terms in respect of hosted content can vary.

When I am working with a Brand, when and how will I get paid?

If you are working on a campaign which is managed by a Brand or Agency directly, you will need to discuss payment terms and methods with them directly, as they can differ from company to company. 

Payment will not be issued through Social Circle unless we are managing the campaign, in which case you will be communicating with the Brand through us throughout the process.

What currency will I be paid in?

Currency will depend on the Brand’s payment terms if Creators are working with a Brand directly and not through Social Circles’ managed service.

Will Social Circle affect any relationship I have with talent management or agents?

No, we are not a talent management company or talent agency. We do not directly manage any talent, and we are unbiased to who we work with. 

You are welcome to invite your management onto Social Circle, and have them negotiate your deals on your behalf.

Can I find my value for Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook stories?

Currently, we aren't able to track stats and analytics for Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook stories, so we do not offer these in our Value calculator. (Yet!)

Can I watch the introduction video again?


What is the managed service?

Brands can use our managed service to run their influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. We use our platform database to choose the perfect Creators to fulfill a Brand’s brief. 

We will be your point of contact throughout the entirety of the campaign and available to answer any of your questions.

How do I put myself on your database?

Just sign up to Social Circle as a Creator, and log in with your social accounts so they are verified on our platform. 

We search the platform to find Creators for our managed Brand campaigns.

Do I need to sign a contract with a Brand?

Yes - you will need to sign a simple contract stating all of the terms and conditions. 

Please don’t be afraid to ask us for any clarification on the contracts, and feel free to seek legal counsel if you are not confident in your own abilities to understand the contract.

What are Usage Rights?

Some Creator contracts may list that a brand is given ‘usage rights’. This doesn’t mean that the content is owned by the Brand - it just means that the Brand has the right to use your content for their own marketing campaigns. 

Please do check the terms of your contract for a campaign, and feel free to ask us any questions that you have. We also recommend you ask a lawyer to review the contract for you if you are unfamiliar with Creator legal contracts or are unsure of any terminology used.

Do I own the content which I create for a Brand through Social Circle?

Yes! It’s your intellectual property as far as we are concerned. 

However you should also check directly with the social media platforms as their terms in respect of hosted content can vary.

Do I have to keep up the posts I make forever?

You must keep your sponsored post live for the duration listed in the contract - this is generally 12 months - but you will get big brownie points with the Brand if you keep it up for longer!

Will Brands demand exclusivity?

Sometimes a Brand will ask for exclusivity for their vertical - for example, while working with X Coffee, you will be asked to not work with any other competitors for the duration of the campaign. 

These details are listed in the briefing forms we give you. Otherwise, we do not ask for any exclusivity.

What is the campaign approval process?

When you have been approached for a Campaign, you will be given a briefing document. On the briefing document is all of the things that you must include in your content, as well as the things that you must not. Once everything is agreed, you can produce and edit your content. 

You must submit the content privately back to us, including captions, titles, and descriptions. We then review the content and share it with the Brand. If the Brand likes it and we like it - great! You will be approved to publish at a selected day and time.

When should I post my content for a Brand?

You should advise the Brand on what times and schedules you usually stick to with your content, and follow them, to ensure that the branded content flows naturally with your organic content.

What is Added Value?

Added Value is the name for content which a Creator can post which is outside of the contractual obligations. For example, if you were contracted to do 2 x Instagram Posts, and 1 x YouTube Video, but you did 3 x Posts, 1 x Video, and 2 x Stories, the extra post and the stories would be called ‘Added Value’. 

This is a really brilliant way to make a Brand absolutely fall in love with you - and whenever we go back to the Brands and tell them how the campaign went, we always make sure to reiterate how much added value has been given, and how generous it is of the Creator to do so. 

You are not obligated to do this - but it does help earn you some ‘brownie points’!

When I am working with a Brand, when will I get paid?

If you are working on a campaign which is managed by Social Circle, you will need to do a few things. Ask your contact at Social Circle for a PO at the beginning of the campaign. 

This may involve us needing to set you up as a supplier. Once the campaign is complete, please send us an invoice which includes your PO number. Once we have received the invoice with PO, the payment terms will be 30 days, beginning on the date that the final piece of content has gone live.

What currency will I be paid in?

Creators working on a campaign through Social Circle will be paid in GBP.

Is there a percentage split?

There are no percentage splits or hidden fees. 

The money we make comes from the Brands, not the Creators.

Will Social Circle affect any relationship I have with talent management or agents?

No, we are not a talent management company or talent agency. We do not directly manage any talent, and we are unbiased to who we work with. Your management is welcome to be our main point of communication and negotiation on your behalf.

PLATFORM: For Brands and Agencies

What is the Social Circle platform?

The platform is our database, calculator, and campaign management web-based software. You can search for influencers, manage your campaigns, and calculate CPWE and CPV. 

You can track and monitor multiple campaigns at any time, using multiple influencers.

Is it free?

A free trial is available.

Are your influencers scraped?

To comply with GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”) effective 25 May 2018, we can only show you the data of Creators which have manually signed up to Social Circle and have opted in to share their data.

Am I able to sort through influencers by demographics, location, etc?

Yes. You can sort through influencers by genre, demographics, location, age, gender, and more.

We want to work with a particular influencer who is not on your platform - can you help us?

If you choose the managed service then absolutely! If the Creator isn’t currently on our platform we can reach out to them or their manager and assist with direct communication.

How can I be sure I’m not using anybody who has bought followers or likes?

We manually approve every single Creator who signs up - and our data tools identify spikes in followers, so we can identify and remove Creators who have fake followers.

Can multiple people who use Social Circle in our company access and manage the same campaigns?

Yes - you can have multiple log-ins so you can view the same campaigns.

How do I know what to pay each individual influencer?

You can use our Weighted Engagement Calculator to determine the costs for your campaigns.

What are Social Climbers?

Social Climbers are the up-and-coming influencers that our platform has identified as ones to watch. At Social Circle, we love fostering and discovering new creators, and identifying these Social Climbers may show you some undiscovered and untapped Creators which you can use in your campaigns.

MANAGED SERVICE: For Brands and Agencies

What is the managed service?

When you use our managed service, our in-house account management team will run your influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. We use our own platform to track and manage your campaign, and you will be able to login to view and report on your campaigns in real time. 

No brief is too niche - try us! We love a challenge. We believe in the authenticity of content, so we work on every brief on a case by case basis, delivering a bespoke response to you every time.

Do you only work with Brands direct?

No - we work with many media agencies and PR agencies to help deliver the best for you and your client.

Can I measure my campaign based on views?

While by default we measure campaigns by weighted engagements, it is also possible for you to measure using our platform based on views.

How do you find influencers for campaigns?

Our platform is a great tool for us to search for talent that we know are already eager to work with us. We also have a wealth of knowledge of other Creators not currently signed up with whom we have a great relationship with. 

Additionally, if you have preferred Creators that are not signed up to our platform, you can let us know so we can reach out to them as well.

How much should I spend on a campaign?

We have run campaigns ranging anywhere between £5,000 to over £100,000! 

The budget depends on a number of factors, including the brief, your goals, number of influencers, and their CPWE etc. 

If you enquire about our managed service, we are happy to send you different packages at various price points so you can make an informed decision.

Do we own the rights to the content which the Creator posts?

No. We can negotiate Usage Rights for you, however this may come at an extra cost.